This summer, a brand new art center was established in Vincom Royal City. The very first exhibition hold was Toa – The Foliage. It has become a tourist attraction since many people came here in order to have a creative, beautiful shots. But actually, if you are a gangster in photography, maybe some tricks in technology should be done if you want to create a “masterpiece”.

Let’s take a look at this picture:

Chưa sửa 1

The photo is too dark so that we can not see clearly the model’s face. After filling light, we have a better one

đã sửa 1

Move on to the next photo taken at the Wishing Tree
chưa sửa 2

It does not follow the rule of third. We crop it base on this rule:

đã sửa 2

Another picture of the exhibition room before and after editing:

Chưa sửa 3đã sửa 4

Hope that those tips above help you to make your own!