Belonging to a series of history books written by Dũng Phan – one of the most famous historians in Vietnam, “Sử Việt: 12 Khúc Tráng Ca” (Vietnamese History: 12 Grand Melodies) is definitely a must-read book of all time.

The book “Vietnamese History: 12 Grand Melodies”

“Sử Việt: 12 Khúc Tráng Ca” (Vietnamese History: 12 Grand Melodies) has just been published for only 2 days and people are getting really excited. It took place on the top of best-selling books of the week right on the first day out, in all online and offline bookshops.

Proceeding glory days of history books after the resounding success of “Lĩnh Nam Chích Quái” (Ancient Vietnam Odd Stories Selection), “Vietnamese History: 12 Grand Melodies”, publishing by Vietnam Writers’ Association Publishing House, is the very first book of author Dũng Phan, and also the very first book of the series. Since people at all age around Vietnam at least have one chance watching and reading some of his studies throughout the timeline of Vietnam history, this book undoubtedly will not let anyone, especially people who love traveling to the past, disappointed.

“Vietnamese History: 12 Grand Melodies” is a collection of 12 stories, revealing many untold truths and historical events. Based on what the author has discovered and searched for a very long time ago, readers will know more about the history of Vietnam, the place with more than 4,000 years of civilization and defend against foreign invaders.

Historian Dũng Phan decided to publish 2 versions, black and white. Each version will have both paperback and hardcover version.